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Our team employs the most current and high-level telecommunication and equipment developments and technologies at the frontiers of knowledge. Our products and services are at the top of the leading-edge technology / state-of-the-art.


A successful service business requires a new life cycle-based approach with a comprehensive view of the real customer's demands, Blackburn Technologies include the development of innovative business models that covers planning, provisioning and finance among others topics, in order to guarantee top services.


We are extremely proud of our professionals team and grateful of our industry and sponsorship partners. We have assembled this great and worldwide team that will ensure the relevance, usefulness, and success of our products and services. By this moment, we appreciate the support and partnership of Telefonica, Telxius, Cisco, Meraki, Equinix and Aegis.

Our insite time has been picked from a wide range of telecommunications and non-telecommunications related backgrounds, including engineers, finance, global marketing and business management, to provide expert knowledge in every product and service

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We are a Miami, Florida based Group with an international network of 40 countries with over 119 sites, offering access to Broadband Capacity among other products and services. The breadth of our network ensures that there is always broadband capacity close to you, offering the full range of what we do with a seamless connection between our offices and our experienced and knowledgeable team of professional around the world.

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