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Our Internet Transit service provides direct connectivity to the internet through multiple Tier 1 Backbone connections. It delivers international coverage with over 100 points of presence spread over 60 cities and 40 countries, as well as innovative value-added services. Our service has been designed to provide key operators and ISPs with high speed access to the Internet via a highly efficient network in terms of technology, with the best service guaranteed and a commercial offer tailored to your needs.


Blackburn Technologies’ Global DDoS Shield service is an Internet transit value-added service, which offers a security solution able to detect and mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, increasingly common on the Internet. DDoS attacks are mitigated on the international network of Blackburn Technologies, before reaching the customer’s network. In case of an attack the system acts transparently to the customer, eliminating malicious traffic and delivering the legitimate traffic, allowing the continuity of its service.

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